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    This album showcases my collection of the best defending 3B in the league!
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  4. Reports are surfacing that the Astros may be considering moving Carlos Correa. After coming off a great rookie season, Correa has been pretty banged up every year and hasn't really delivered that "big" season every expected. He's still only 25 with his prime years on the horizon. Could a change of scenery be good for him?
  5. It looks like Didi's moving on to the Phillies for a one-year deal. He's probably going to try and build back his brand/value and test the free agency waters again next offseason.
  6. Now there's rumors that the Nationals may be in play if they don't resign Anthony Rendon:
  7. Well, Kris Bryant is trending on Twitter tonight with rumors that the Cubs are taking trade offers. Many of the rumors center around the Braves that lost Josh Donaldson to free agency after the season with Max Fried as the name most linked. The Phillies are also apparently in play.
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