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  1. That sounds about right.
  2. I hit three variations and six complete sets.
  3. Yes. They may include a variation or even an autograph!
  4. It’s sad when you see people buying the entire display. 😥
  5. I won a John Smoltz hit from MLB on Twitter. I had a 2/3 chance of winning an auto. Sadly, I received the relic instead. Still nice though.
  6. I only sent in 2 boxes-worth of wrappers. The boxes were free from Panini to begin with!
  7. Here are just two of the cards. They are sweet rookie autos.
  8. I just received my Rated Rookies redemption packs. I wonder how many you’re supposed to receive for every box of wrappers?
  9. Has anyone ever received an #UDRAK? They sent me some really nice cards.
  10. Plus, they are being stocked in the strangest areas of the store: toys, sporting goods, automotive, etc.
  11. I haven’t found a single one in Denver.
  12. I buy some singles as well. Thank you comic.com I just miss opening boxes.
  13. Batcavelv

    Nolan Arenado

    Nice stuff. I’m glad I picked up his auto before he blew up.
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