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  1. Batcavelv

    MLB Contest

    That sounds about right.
  2. Batcavelv

    2018 Donruss Wrapper Redemptions

    I hit three variations and six complete sets.
  3. Batcavelv

    2018 Donruss Wrapper Redemptions

    Yes. They may include a variation or even an autograph!
  4. Batcavelv

    Where are the Bowman Mega Boxes?

    It’s sad when you see people buying the entire display. 😥
  5. Batcavelv

    MLB Contest

    I won a John Smoltz hit from MLB on Twitter. I had a 2/3 chance of winning an auto. Sadly, I received the relic instead. Still nice though.
  6. Batcavelv

    2018 Donruss Wrapper Redemptions

    I only sent in 2 boxes-worth of wrappers. The boxes were free from Panini to begin with!
  7. Batcavelv

    Upper Deck RAK

    Here are just two of the cards. They are sweet rookie autos.
  8. I just received my Rated Rookies redemption packs. I wonder how many you’re supposed to receive for every box of wrappers?
  9. Batcavelv

    June Pickups

    Great stuff!
  10. Batcavelv

    Upper Deck RAK

    Has anyone ever received an #UDRAK? They sent me some really nice cards.
  11. You can bet on Betts!
  12. Batcavelv

    Where are the Bowman Mega Boxes?

    Plus, they are being stocked in the strangest areas of the store: toys, sporting goods, automotive, etc.
  13. I haven’t found a single one in Denver.
  14. Batcavelv

    Topps Going High-End?

    I buy some singles as well. Thank you comic.com I just miss opening boxes.
  15. Batcavelv

    Nolan Arenado

    Nice stuff. I’m glad I picked up his auto before he blew up.