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  1. BattleRedReady

    December pickups thread

    I'm quite pleased with this clear McCann
  2. BattleRedReady

    Carson Wentz Prices Thread

    I think Brady will snag MVP as Carson trails off a bit (due to inexperience). I am all out of football cards been that way about a year now.
  3. BattleRedReady

    Base Rookie Cards 2010-2013 2016-2017

    I'd be down to hear what you have of Astros. I am up right now with the morning off perusing COMC for cheap Astros autos as I type!
  4. BattleRedReady

    Topps Going High-End?

    I've been a singles buyer mainly for awhile now. Sure I bust a retail pack here and there for the fun of it but I can't remember the last time I dropped $50+ on a box.
  5. BattleRedReady

    Did Lonzo Ball's dad sign some of his cards?

    Short answer- yes. I mean the evidence is right there but another thing to think about- does this type of move seem beneath his dad? I'd easily say no.
  6. BattleRedReady

    Growing Community

    The site looks great Danny! Eager for this forum to get active.
  7. BattleRedReady


    I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Eric and I root for Houston teams and collect Astros. I love to trade and bust packs even if it's retail. Hope to make some friendships around here and keep enjoying this hobby.