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  1. Would anyone want to do a March Madness group
  2. Anyone want to put a card wager on the super bowl? I’m picking the Patriots if someone wants to take the rams
  3. No. Saw some hangers right around Christmas but they were gone within a week
  4. Sadly he didn’t have that much of an impact. I would say JBJ was even more impactful during the postseason.
  5. Who do you all have winning.
  6. I also got an Ozzie albies base auto. Not a braves collector but was wondering if I should sell now or wait
  7. Do you think they’re worth anything b cause I don’t have any intention of keeping them
  8. I have like 40 of these where they messed up printing
  9. Has anyone else seen cards with two names on them? I was wondering if it’s common
  10. Searched 6 Targets today have one more. Nothing so far
  11. these were the cards I was thinking about sending.
  12. JDohn

    June Contest!

    Dang only three active people on the site. I’m surprised the giveaway didn’t increase traffic.
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