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  1. My wife was watching “Criminal Minds” on TV reruns every once in a while and was enjoying it. So she started to watch from the beginning on Netflix, and has gotten me hooked on it. Very good show!
  2. Makes sense. I’ve never gotten a card graded either.
  3. could buy a couple of Bowman Mega boxes off eBay.
  4. I think you are right. My co-worker keeps saying he is still a rookie....looks to not be.
  5. It'll be interesting to see what Ohtani does when he gets back from DL... What about Ozzie Albies in the NL?
  6. Co-worker just won an auction on eBay of that card for $2. Somehow he was the only bidder.
  7. I just recently started collecting again. I've already acquired several Correa cards. ... WOW, just realized how many CC cards I've gotten in less than 2 months. My wife may kill me...lol
  8. That Correa card is GORGEOUS!!! Wow!
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