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Participating at NRMT.com constitutes agreement to the following guidelines, which apply to posts, profile information, avatars, signatures, any other content on this site and participation in general. This includes private messages, which we have the ability to read, but only do so when a violation is reported to us or if we have probable cause a violation has occurred.


Reporting Violations

Because of the live nature of the discussions on this site, it is not possible for us to review and/or confirm the accuracy or validity of a message before it is posted. If you believe that someone has violated our Site Guidelines or you have spotted content that may otherwise require attention, please click the report post link at the top of the post where the violation is located. if the thread has numerous violations in it, you need not report each post; simply report one post and note that you spotted other violations in the thread, as well, in your report before you submit. Include a brief description of what you believe is wrong. After you send your report, forget that the post(s) exists. Do not post, "I have reported your post" - do not further reference the post in the thread in any way. If you feel that the report post feature is not appropriate for reporting a certain type of violation, please free to send a private message to a staff member. Notification is strongly encouraged. It is also voluntary and anonymous, but in no case should a user respond to a situation personally, thereby aggravating the situation further. Responding to a violation in an inflammatory manner is a violation in itself and will result in appropriate action.


General Posting Rules:

  1. Cross-posting is not allowed and will result in the removal of one or more posts. This is defined as posting the same information in two or more locations. When posting your topic, please try to post it in the most appropriate section within the organizational structure of the community. Identical topics posted in the same or different forums will be removed.
  2. You are not allowed to post an affiliate URL that leads to you earning cash, banner impressions, credits, points, etc. Certain trading card related websites are allowed, such as eBay and COMC, and can be selected in the user profile section of the website.
  3. Do not post personal, real-life information such as home addresses and cell phone numbers. Do not demand of or continually press other users for personal information.
  4. Vulgar language and inappropriate material is not allowed and will be removed. Abbreviations, self-censoring, and attempts to circumvent the word censoring feature of the community software also violate this rule. If your post contains a word that is censored by the software, you must remove that word or the post may be removed. If you feel that the censor is acting in error, please contact a staff member.
  5. When posting links to outside websites, you must ensure that the content of the link is appropriate for our community, in line with the guidelines laid out here. This includes mentioning or referencing a site, even if the mention is not hyperlinked. If you post a link and that link is automatically censored, it is considered to be an inappropriate link and you should remove it from your post immediately. If left, all posts that feature inappropriate links will be removed.
  6. Posts that discuss illegal activities will be removed. This includes the posting of information that you have obtained illegally.
  7. Do not post copyrighted materials such as articles, videos, or audio that you do not have permission to reproduce or distribute. For text articles, most of the time you may quote a small portion of the article (usually no more than 1/5) and you must link to the source (if online) or provide the source (if offline).
  8. Respect other members at all times. Please refrain from inflammatory and defamatory comments as well as flaming, taunting, and general disrespect. Do not put down the opinion or advice given by others. If you don't agree with it, say why - respectfully. Don't just tell them they're wrong. Do not make uninvited remarks about typos, duplicate posts, posting styles, etc. This is not the place to aggressively pursue attacks and accusations on one's chosen style or background. We all have different opinions and different backgrounds.
  9. Signatures are limited to five lines of text (including blank lines). Images are prohibited as to keep signatures from becoming rather large. You will not be allowed to setup a signature until you have been registered for five calendar days.
  10. The staff have final say on anything. If you have a problem, you may make a complaint to them directly and not publicly on the website. Creating threads or posts that question or reference administrative decisions, such as post removals and thread closures, is not permitted. We are not perfect and if you feel that we have made a mistake, please privately contact a staff member and we will review the situation. If you ever need clarification on any part of our Site Guidelines or have a question, suggestion, a bit of feedback, or a problem with the site, please feel free to contact a staff member directly.


Marketplace Rules:

  1. Items listed in the Marketplace are NOT owned or sold by NRMT.com. The items are being listed by fellow members and any deals made are between you and that member. NRMT.com is not responsible for any transactions that occur within the Marketplace.
  2. All items listed for sale must be fully in the possession of the seller. The only exception is when selling digital items (such as Topps Bunt) or through a COMC account. 
  3. When selling, prices must be listed for each item that is being sold. Prices are not required when trading; however, listing trade values will help other members know what you are expecting.
  4. When conducting business with other members, we recommend using PayPal goods. Asking for PayPal gift or cash is not allowed under any circumstance as buyers are not protected.
  5. When selling, the use of tracking and/or delivery confirmation is mandatory unless both users agree it is not needed.
  6. The following items are NOT allowed to be sold: factory sealed product (unopened boxes/packs), raffles/razzes, grab bags, mystery packs, or hot packs.
  7. Auctions are not allowed. If you want to run an auction, use eBay.
  8. New users are allowed to post listings, but please understand that established members may be skeptical. Referencing positive feedback on other forums, eBay, or COMC may help.
  9. Upon completing a transaction, please use our Trader Feedback feature to voice your opinion of the other member.


Collection Album Rules:

  1. Photos that are unlawful, abusive, defamatory, obscene, or hateful are NOT allowed.
  2. You must own the copyright and/or patent to any pictures that are posted.


If a user violates our guidelines and shows disregard for them, our staff, and our community, they run the risk of losing their account. We reserve the right to deactivate any account and to edit or remove any content without warning. These guidelines are subject to change at any time without notice.

Thank you for visiting NRMT.com!

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