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June Contest!

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It's been a while, but let's get this going again.


There will a drawing held at the end of June. To qualify, you must be a member and make at least TWENTY (20) posts during the month.


You might be asking yourself, "What card will it be, and what player?"


Well, we're leaving that up to Twitter. Cast your votes now to have a hand in picking who that player will be!




The player will be decided once the poll closes and this thread will be updated at the end of May.


Dust off your keyboard and get to chatting!


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The Twitterverse has spoken and we have a winner!


The giveaway this month will be...





To enter, simply become a member and make at least twenty (20) posts during the month of June.

Your support of our site may net you a sweet Carlos Correa PSA 10 rookie!

(Yes, current members are also able to qualify -- if you make the required number of posts).



So get to chatting!

Contest ends on 7/1/2018.

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8 hours ago, andrepourciau said:

So hard to get 20 posts when no one posts...lol


Huge Astros fan and I love Correa!!! I really want that card. :)

Yeah, that is partly my fault. I'm trying to be as active as possible, but you're right, I feel like I'm talking to myself sometimes.

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